10 Free Tools for Screenshots

  1. Blipshot is a simple way to snap a full-page screenshot of any website. Tap its button, and Blipshot opens a preview image of your screenshot over the page, which you can then drag and drop to any other app to share the screenshot quickly.
  2. CloudApp is designed for quick file sharing from your system tray, including screenshot tools. Snap a screenshot, record a video, or make a GIF of anything on your screen and share it instantly with a private link. However, it’s free with certain limitations — free for sharing 25 screenshots and 15-second screen recordings per month.
  3. Droplr. Need to share more details? Droplr’s Draw option can help. Press Alt + Shift + 3, select the area of your screen you want to capture, then mark it up in Droplr’s simple editor. Droplr will automatically upload the screenshot and copy a link to your clipboard, so you can directly share it. If you’re Ok with screenshots with watermarks, then this free version of a tool is for you.
  4. Jumpshare Want a quicker way to share screenshots? Use your computer’s standard screenshot tools and keyboard shortcuts, and Jumpshare will automatically upload your screenshots and copy a share link to your clipboard. It can also record a video or GIF of your screen for a quick way to share anything you want. Free for 2GB storage and 30-second screen recordings
  5. Licecap for a quick GIF of your screen. It is a simple, free way to whip one up. Just run Licecap, select the area to record, pause or stop recording, and share the finished GIF.
  6. Lightscreen is a great free tool for quickly sharing screenshots. Press its shortcut to snap a customizable area, and Lightscreen will instantly upload your shot to Imgur for quick sharing. Just make sure you don’t show anything private.
  7. Skitch is for screenshots to make on your Mac. Add quick annotations to the shot on your Mac or iOS device, and share the file by dragging and dropping it.
  8. With TechSmithCapture, you can snap screenshots or screencasts of up to 5 minutes, annotate them with arrows, text, or captions and share them immediately. It’s a quick way to point out problems or create tutorials.
  9. Tailor. Take pictures of each section of a web page or a chat conversation on your iPhone, then open them in Tailor, and it’ll stitch them together into a seamless full-length screenshot in seconds.
  10. Pinpoint. This tool comes in handy when you take screenshots, and you need to mark them up a bit before sharing them. Draw arrows and boxes to pinpoint the important parts or the weird stuff, write text to explain what you’re thinking, blur out your sensitive info to keep it from prying eyes, and share your finished screenshot masterpiece with literally anyone.



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