6 Essential Tips For Online Documentation Design

by Bradley Nice, Content Manager at ClickHelp.com — software documentation tool

Today I’d like to give a review of the article I came across recently. Guys from ClickHelp Team gathered a list of 6 tips for technical writers concerning the design of online documentation.

If you think that technical writing is only about explaining things in plain text, then you are mistaken and your whole career as a techwriter has been a lie.

In their article they give some ground rules about documentation design and the six tips for creating an online user manual design with examples provided. Also you will learn about the use of material design, responsive design, awesome fonts, a new trend in design called “complexion reduction” and lots of other things while working on the design of your online documentation.

See the full article:

Have a nice day!

Bradley Nice,
Content Manager at ClickHelp.com — best online documentation tool for SaaS vendors



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Bradley Nice

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