A Quick Note on a Video Game Technical Writer

  • List of all features.
  • Choice of a game engine
  • High-level diagrams
  • Details about the 3D objects, terrain, and scenes.
  • Use of physics engine
  • Game logic and artificial intelligence
  • Audio and Visual details and specifications
  • Networking
  • Delivery platform and hardware/software requirements for running the game on a system.
  • Game concept/theme or storyline
  • Characterization
  • Script: Dialogue and other in-game text
  • Visualization
  • Music Production
  • Prototyping
  • Development cost
  • Marketing strategies
  • Scheduling
  • Testing



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Bradley Nice

Bradley Nice


Content Manager at https://medium.com/level-up-web 👈. I write about web design, web development and technical writing. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook