Music for Programming (2019 edition)

by Bradley Nice, Content Manager at — software documentation tool

In case you’re wondering, I have two other posts on the same topic: Background Music for Coding and Background Music For Coding & Studying. Why did I decide to write yet another one? Well, time flies. And it flies with almost a speed of light. Everything chances, every day something new is created. That’s why I wanted to revise the sources I’ve mentioned in the articles above and add something new to the list.

I won’t discuss whether listening to music while programming helps or is it good at all. After all, if you came here to read this, you probably enjoy the process. But maybe we should talk about it in the nearest future, what do you think?

Video Games Soundtracks

Huh? What? I’m not kidding. Games now are complicated, and very pricey products that have millions of dollars of budget. And their soundtracks are created by professional composers and performed by professional musicians and even whole orchestras. It’s a great instrumental music. Just give it a listen. And try searching for soundtracks from other games like Oblivion or The Witcher 3.

Ultimate Metal Compilations // Gaming // Workout

Mostly a metalcore/metal playlist that is composed of 10 music compilation videos, each around an hour and a half in length. Despite being called a compilation for gaming or workout, this one totally suitable for coding. If you love this type of music and feeling energetic and overdriven while programming, this one's for you.

A whole website dedicated to music for programming. A description promises curated, non-vocal and distraction-free music playlists to increase your productivity and focus while coding/programming. Purely instrumental music from more than 8 genres.

Groove Salad on

A lot of people on the internet suggest listening to a Groove Salad station on website. As one man perfectly said,

downtempo chillout at its finest without commercial interruption breaking that train of thought

Film Scores

I’ve already mentioned game soundtracks, but movies have soundtracks as well! And pretty good ones, I might say. Take the video above for example. Nice, relaxing music that will not distract you.

Instrumental Drum and Bass

Drum and Bass is as good at getting your blood flowing and mind spinning as metal. It’s fast and it has a distinct tempo that your mind will automatically pick up.

The Ultimate Buckethead Playlist

If you don’t know who the heck Buckethead is… Well, I’ll just cite a little bit of Wikipedia: Buckethead is an American multi-instrumentalist musician who has received critical acclaim for his innovative electric guitar playing. His music is not limited to a single genre. It includes, but is not limited to such genres as progressive metal, funk, blues, bluegrass, ambient, and avant-garde music.

I only recently discovered him and, despite not being a big fan of metal and such, I really liked his music. There’s a wide variety in tempo and mood. Just give it a try and go through several of his albums (there are 379(!!!) of them) — you will most definitely find something, all of them have different sound.

Okay, that’s it for now. What do you think? What do you listen to (if anything) while programming (or whatever is it you do at work)?

Have a nice day!

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